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We tell you about this romantic engagement in Donostia. Imagine a sailboat ride at sunset in the bay of Concha. And in the middle of that walk your boy pulls out a ring and asks you to marry him. That was how it happened. Tim contacted us from New York. He wanted a photographer to take some pictures of his engagement in Donostia. He didn’t quite know how to do it. So we proposed some ideas of what that moment could be like. It seemed like an incredible idea to be able to do it on a sailboat. So he contacted the company Spirit experiences. They proposed a walk by the bay at sunset. They took care of the champagne and having typical products from here for the moment.

It was an amazing experience. It was not an easy report. Pus we did not have another boat to take the photographs. So Cesar had to take a lot of photos from the water. Thus being able to capture the landscape and the boat in this beautiful environment that is the bay of  Concha. Sometimes challenges as a photographer are part of the vigilance of this profession and it was worth the risk.

We hope you like this report and that you enjoy this moment as much as we do.


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